Time to Combine…

So, my blogging days began previous to Toile Baby, at a time when my focus was our house, our pets, our pumpkins, and our life in general. Then, I found out I was pregnant (a little less than a year ago), and started this blog — which caused the original blog (Living Room) to slack, and this one to prevail. Seriously, who was I kidding?

Of course, once Marco arrived…this, too, became neglected.

I really, really, really enjoy blogging. Not because I feel like I have to share my life with the world. But because it’s a writing outlet…unique from the writing that pays the bills. And because it’s pretty cool to think that in 24 years, we can all look back at these posts and laugh/gasp/smile about our life in the 2010’s (I still don’t know what you call this decade? The tens? Doesn’t really have much of a ring to it).

Anyway, I want to continue to blog. At least once a week. But, without having a ton of free time on my hands now-a-days, I’m choosing to combine the two blogs. Afterall, Living Room was started with the tag — “making room to live and laugh a little more,” and nothing adds life and laughter like a new baby.

So, without further ado…you can follow the life and times of it all, including Toile Baby, back at the original home: Living Room.



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10 Week Timeline

Well, it’s been ten weeks since my last post — the one featuring my big ‘ole pregnant belly.

Just a few days later that belly popped (with the help of some pitocen), and we proudly announced the arrival of Mr. Marco Lawrence Puricelli!

He was born as the Cardinals clinched the National League Wild Card (and, yes, one month later they went on to win the World Series, which I got to attend with my dad while Marco stayed home and watched it with his).

The game was on as I was delivering, but I assured the doctor it was okay. “I’ll just pretend all that cheering is for me.” I told her.

The first few weeks were your typical whirlwind of learning how to eat and sleep, swaddle and soothe….and shampoo that amazing head of hair.

At just a few weeks old, the little guy was already a star as he was featured in the St. Louis Post Dispatch…at least, his pumpkins were. But he made the story complete.

Around 5 weeks he started showing off some smiles, which he now he completes with coos and giggles.

Around 6 weeks he got his first cold (as did Dad and myself). Not fun. It was followed by his 2 month shots. Still, not fun.

At 8 weeks he celebrated his first Thanksgiving with his very first hair trim. Nothing major, Dad just felt like those sideburns needed a little touching up.

And at 9 weeks, he got to meet Santa for the very first time.

This Wednesday the little man (or “little dude” as his dad says) will be 10 weeks old!

It’s amazing how fast the time has gone. And how much he has already changed in just two short months. In fact, last night he started rolling from his belly to his back, AND he slept from 10 pm to 6 am! (apparently he knows how to make his mom happy since I go back to work this week).

I’m going to do my best to keep the blog updated from now on. Though, I am planning on combining it with my other blog soon…as it’s pretty evident — free time is officially a thing of the past.

And I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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Maternity Photos!

Last Friday, a friend from work asked if I’d had any maternity photos taken. Nope. I’d thought about it, but never really followed through. That was when she offered to do them for me (see all of her stuff here). Since Baby P. had yet to make his arrival, I decided we might as well and go ahead and take some final shots before he became an official outside baby.

Lucas’ sister gave us this adorable sign for the nursery. I figured it was the perfect time to give the dogs a little lesson in what’s to come.


Of course, no photoshoot would be complete without some shots with the Great Pumpkin.


And the perfect place for another one of my favorite nursery signs. Shot by an old coworker who now has her own awesome photography business.

And, finally, taking a little break where the little guy and I will soon be doing lots of bonding.


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5 Days To Go…

Or so they say. I’ve been thinking it may be sooner, but for now it looks like the little guy is pretty content just where he is. I have another doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so maybe there will be some progress. Maybe. I’ve stopped getting my hopes up. And, considering I’m still feeling more or less “fine” for being 9 months pregnant, I can’t complain. It’s all mental at this point.

(Sorry, as happy as I am to be thisclose to having him, I seem to have issues with looking severely depressed every time I try to take a self-pic.)

We JUST want to meet him! And we’re super curious to  know what this little boy looks like! Will his eyes be blue (like mom’s) or green (like dad’s) or mysteriously turn out to be brown? Will he have much hair? Will it be dark? I was basically born looking like an eskimo…thick, dark hair, round face, almond eyes, dark skin. But eventually turned out to be blond and far from the native roots I seemed to originally possess.

A nice flashback to the 80’s. Yes, I’m the baby in both of these…

Nothing left to do now but wait. And hope for a safe, healthy labor! As much as I feel like I’ve been pregnant for years now, this past 9-10 months has definitely flown by. Can’t believe we’re going to be parents within a week!



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Addicted to Pinning.

I have a new addiction. Pinterest. I can’t believe I only recently joined. If you haven’t yet, you should. It makes me want to have a wedding all over again because there are soooo many outstanding ideas out there. Luckily, there are some pretty terrific baby ideas, too. And When I saw this dog silhouette art (which was not in the Baby category, but fit mine with perfection), I had to put on my diy hat and get to work.

And I had the two perfect models to make it happen.

While Tito has been gifted with a naturally more silhouette-friendly profile, a little trial and error made Frankie’s work out, too.

All I did was enlarge their photos on my computer screen, trace them onto some printer paper, trace them onto cardstock, and then cut them out.

So simple, and I love the personal touch of Baby P.’s two future buds always being there, looking out for him.

Now I just need something on the leftside of the mirror to balance them out. I’m thinking I’ll frame his birth announcement, or something to that effect.


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Weeks 32-34. Showers and Nursuries and Nesting, Oh My!

The closer the baby gets, the busier I seem to become. And the more that happens, the more the realness of it all seems to set in.

I’ve had two more showers in the past few weeks — a work shower (which I got to share with two other preggo coworkers):

And my friend shower:

Needless to say, both were wonderful and Baby P. came out with so many great, new things.

And, I’ve finished the nursery! Wu-Hu!!!

I’m so happy with the way everything turned out. We still need to install the ceiling fan, and I do have one more art project I think I’m going to add to the walls. But it’s pretty much complete!

And, yes, the nesting is here, too. Lucas caught me cleaning the fridge at about 10 o’clock last night, and continuing to clean it at about 7 am this morning. And I’ve organized our linen closet, and all of the baby’s clothes. If only I  cared this much about cleaning all the time!

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Weeks 30-31. And 8 1/2 to go….

This week I noticed that I’ve stopped describing how far along I am in the weeks I’ve come so far, and instead in the weeks I have left. I guess that means it’s getting really close. Like, 61 days…as my freshly finished chalkboard deco has declared.

I’m incredibly excited about how they turned out. The whole process was pretty easy (the hardest part was waiting 3 days for the squares to dry so I could hang up the frames and start drawing!). I just measured out my squares, painted the inside, spray painted some frames I found on super-clearance at Hobby Lobby, and put it all together. I don’t know exactly what we’ll put in there once the countdown is complete. I imagine sweet little drawings and messages for Baby P. until he can hold that chalk and write something of his own.

That corner of the room is pretty much done. I still need a cribskirt. And I have liners on backorder at PBKids for those white baskets (another hand-me-down from my sister, who had two girls and 4 very pink liners in there). I also replaced those knobs from the girly ones my nieces had to some more manly man red knobs from Hobby Lobby. Which, I highly recommend checking out if you need knobs. Almost the exactly same ones were $20 a pair at PBKids, and only $3 a pair at HL! I also had my first shower this past weekend, which is where I got that cute “Toys” bin — given to me by my nieces and nephews, and stocked with some great books.

The only thing missing (other than the baby) is the mobile I’m working on. I actually have the pieces, and they’re pretty cute, but the whole balancing thing isn’t quite right. So, that is still to come.

Oh, and that rug? Well, it’s been officially broken in. This picture says it all:

See that look on that sweet, sweet dog’s innocent face? Well, we woke up this morning to find that she wasn’t feeling too well overnight, and she…ummm…broke it in. I’ll spare you the details, as they weren’t pretty. But I think I was able to clean it up pretty well. And now, it’s totally broken in for the baby. Right?

Okay, enough of that. On a fresher note, this baby isn’t the only pumpkin brewing at our house. Literally. Cause out in the backyard, we have a real life pumpkin patch.

And not just any pumpkin patch, one with three Gigantic Pumpkins, two of which now weigh over 200 lbs, and are still growing. In fact, their official “due date” is October 2. Just six short days after Baby P.’s. The baby of the group is still small, but growing quickly. So, it only made sense to start tracking that pumpkin’s progress against my own. Be prepared for weekly updates from here on out…

Seriously, who needs all those online fruit charts with a backyard like this?!


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