This Week. #12.

Week 12. The week you…
– started as a plum and grew to a peach (both equally sweet)
– made my pooch become much more noticeable
– finally gave me back that energy I’d been missing for the past 10 weeks
– made me less nauseous, but more sick (?), which is actually much easier to handle
– took a trip to Atlanta to listen to people talk about why they love their dogs and cats so much (something you’ll learn soon enough)
– felt my sadness after hearing news about some old friends in Arkansas

– watched your dad begin building his gigantic pumpkin patch in the backyard
– helped Frankie pass her Delta Society evaluation so we can keep enjoying our therapy visits to the hospital
– enjoyed the first glimpse of some nice spring weather in St. Louis
– thought Fruity Pebbles sounded good, so we had some — probably for the first time since I was about 10


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