This Week. #13.

Week 13. The week you…
– Started as a peach and grew to a lemon (wait, isn’t a peach bigger than a lemon?)
– Brought dinner to your future cousin, Joseph, whose mom is on bedrest with him…rumor has it he’ll be here tomorrow  
– Had four of your future friends over for dinner (well, their moms, who all happen to be pregnant, too)
– Still didn’t quite get me over that sickness hump, but I know it’s coming soon
– Finally got me to give in to the coveted Bella Band, one of life’s greatest inventions and a pants-too-tight-today savior
– Experienced the crazy truth behind St. Louis weather with a snowstorm yesterday — yes, in the last week in March
– Kept the fruity cereal tradition alive by convincing me to give Trix a try this week. Yum!

Winter just won't go away this year!


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