This Week. #15.

Week 15. The week you:

– lost someone very special — your dad’s grandma, and your Great Grandma Donnelly (“Momoo”). I usually get to these posts on Sunday nights, since our new weeks start on Mondays. But she passed away on Friday, and I didn’t get around to writing this weekend. She was so, so excited when she found out I was pregnant with you. You would be her fifth great-grandchild. She just couldn’t wait to meet you, and to see you grow up with your new cousin, Joey. Though she won’t be with us in person when you’re born, she’ll definitely be watching over you, alongside your Great Grandpa Joe.

Your dad has been missing her a lot this week, but every time he feels down, he puts his hand on my tummy and thinks of you kicking away, growing more and more. And I know you make him feel a little bit better. I’m guessing that’s why you made my belly just a teensy bit more noticeable this week (he wasn’t the only one in his family who needed to give my belly a little pat). You’re not even born yet, and already you’re spreading some much-needed joy. Thanks, Baby P. We love you, and so will she.


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