Working Through The Awkward Phase

For the past few weeks I’ve struggled with clothing. I’m not quite to maternity, though it’s sooo much more comfortable. My shirts fit, but seem to be stretching in new places. And I’m down to 3 pairs of actual work pants that still fit (they were slightly too big before, and are now nice ‘n snug). I’ve been told that by 20 weeks the bump will really, really look like a bump. Though I feel like it’s just about there, I’m still in that phase where I feel like strangers look at me and contemplate whether it’s a baby or a burrito in my belly.

From observing others, I’ve found that the key is accentuating my newly raised waist. In other words, my ribcage. I have a favorite belt from Target that seems to pull off my new waist-place quite well. In fact, I think I might invest in a few more colors.

My husband finds it amusing that I’m trying to make my belly more noticeable. I repeatedly explain that it’s either a defined belly or a frumpy new wife. Belly wins.

Until the weather stays above 68* and I can enjoy the serendipitous high-waisted dresses in my closest, the belt will be my best friend.



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2 responses to “Working Through The Awkward Phase

  1. Erin

    Cute! A friend of mine would just use Satin ribbon and tie in a cute bow at the same point to dress up a plain tshirt.

  2. Christie

    You look so cute! I am pretty sure I was rockin’ maternity clothes from week 9…

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