Weeks 23-24. Kickin’ It.

Weeks 23-24.

I have officially reached the 6 month mark! Which also means I’m officially starting to feel huge, grunt when I bend down to tie my shoes, and wake up grateful for each day that my wedding ring still slides on and off of my finger (I’ve heard that combined with this heat wave, the ring thing may not last too much longer).

Baby P. got to experience the sounds of his very first Cards/Cubs game last Friday. It was clear he enjoyed the big win — when I got home and laid down, he started kicking away, and Lucas was able to feel him for the very first time! I was so excited to share all the movement. It’s been killing me that I’ve basically been feeling him moving around in there since week 15, and Lucas  just had to take my word for it. I swear, each week there’s something that makes this whole thing seem that much more real.

Another random beginning this week, a new exercise routine. Since the pools are now open, I’ve decided to start swimming laps. And seriously, if you’re pregnant, go swim. It’s honestly the greatest form of exercise when you’ve got a baby in your belly. The water makes you totally forget you’re even pregnant, and you feel so good and stretched out when it’s over. Plus, when your head’s in the water, you don’t even notice all those cute, skinny girls running around in those teensy bikinis with their super-flat tummys…and if you do, it’s just more motivation to swim another lap.

Anyway, just 4 more months to go. Seriously? That sounds like forever. Six months did come and go awfully quickly, though. Hope these next 4 do, too…but not until he’s big and healthy, the nursery is done (or even started), I force myself to go register…


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