5 Days To Go…

Or so they say. I’ve been thinking it may be sooner, but for now it looks like the little guy is pretty content just where he is. I have another doctor’s appointment this afternoon, so maybe there will be some progress. Maybe. I’ve stopped getting my hopes up. And, considering I’m still feeling more or less “fine” for being 9 months pregnant, I can’t complain. It’s all mental at this point.

(Sorry, as happy as I am to be thisclose to having him, I seem to have issues with looking severely depressed every time I try to take a self-pic.)

We JUST want to meet him! And we’re super curious to  know what this little boy looks like! Will his eyes be blue (like mom’s) or green (like dad’s) or mysteriously turn out to be brown? Will he have much hair? Will it be dark? I was basically born looking like an eskimo…thick, dark hair, round face, almond eyes, dark skin. But eventually turned out to be blond and far from the native roots I seemed to originally possess.

A nice flashback to the 80’s. Yes, I’m the baby in both of these…

Nothing left to do now but wait. And hope for a safe, healthy labor! As much as I feel like I’ve been pregnant for years now, this past 9-10 months has definitely flown by. Can’t believe we’re going to be parents within a week!




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