Maternity Photos!

Last Friday, a friend from work asked if I’d had any maternity photos taken. Nope. I’d thought about it, but never really followed through. That was when she offered to do them for me (see all of her stuff here). Since Baby P. had yet to make his arrival, I decided we might as well and go ahead and take some final shots before he became an official outside baby.

Lucas’ sister gave us this adorable sign for the nursery. I figured it was the perfect time to give the dogs a little lesson in what’s to come.


Of course, no photoshoot would be complete without some shots with the Great Pumpkin.


And the perfect place for another one of my favorite nursery signs. Shot by an old coworker who now has her own awesome photography business.

And, finally, taking a little break where the little guy and I will soon be doing lots of bonding.



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4 responses to “Maternity Photos!

  1. aunt laurie

    i have always thought pregnant are beautiful. you are truly beautiful. i have been on pins and needles, wanting to call, but being patient.
    aunt laurie

  2. Kathleen Loepker

    Dear Emily, can’t wait to meet my new great nephew. Best of luck to you and Lucas, Love, Kathy

  3. Hey Em! Thanks for the shout out! The. The last one of you in BW is my favorite. Your little Marco is ADORABLE! I keep stalking your facebook to see more pics. Hope you guys are enjoying this sweet time! Congrats!

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