Why “Toile Baby?”


Why the name Toile Baby, you ask?

Well, I wanted something distinct, yet ownable.
Unique, yet memorable.
Real, yet whimsical.

So, to cover all of the above, I went with something that’s not only fun to say, but already a part of this little bean’s future – his/her bedroom. You see, the room we have designated as “the nursery” is currently covered in toile (pronounced twall) wallpaper. It’s actually not that bad as far as wallpaper goes, especially compared to the rest of the rooms in the house. Though it does look pretty busy now that I’ve taken this picture.

After a little personal debate over whether or not the toile will be a good fit for the baby’s room, I’ve decided it’s going to have to come down. Though I like it, it’s not my dream look, and I can’t wait to start from scratch. With that in mind, I’m hoping I can salvage a little scrap and maybe keep it in a frame. It is kind of aspirational, after all, featuring all sorts of historical-looking figures hard at work.

The tear-it-down project will come soon enough. Like I said, we’re finding out the gender, so we still have time to determine paint colors/decor.

12 weeks, 1 day

For now, here’s a glimpse of Baby and me in the room de toile. Yes, he/she is starting to give me a little bump. A little shocking at first, but incredibly exciting overall.


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