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Weeks 30-31. And 8 1/2 to go….

This week I noticed that I’ve stopped describing how far along I am in the weeks I’ve come so far, and instead in the weeks I have left. I guess that means it’s getting really close. Like, 61 days…as my freshly finished chalkboard deco has declared.

I’m incredibly excited about how they turned out. The whole process was pretty easy (the hardest part was waiting 3 days for the squares to dry so I could hang up the frames and start drawing!). I just measured out my squares, painted the inside, spray painted some frames I found on super-clearance at Hobby Lobby, and put it all together. I don’t know exactly what we’ll put in there once the countdown is complete. I imagine sweet little drawings and messages for Baby P. until he can hold that chalk and write something of his own.

That corner of the room is pretty much done. I still need a cribskirt. And I have liners on backorder at PBKids for those white baskets (another hand-me-down from my sister, who had two girls and 4 very pink liners in there). I also replaced those knobs from the girly ones my nieces had to some more manly man red knobs from Hobby Lobby. Which, I highly recommend checking out if you need knobs. Almost the exactly same ones were $20 a pair at PBKids, and only $3 a pair at HL! I also had my first shower this past weekend, which is where I got that cute “Toys” bin — given to me by my nieces and nephews, and stocked with some great books.

The only thing missing (other than the baby) is the mobile I’m working on. I actually have the pieces, and they’re pretty cute, but the whole balancing thing isn’t quite right. So, that is still to come.

Oh, and that rug? Well, it’s been officially broken in. This picture says it all:

See that look on that sweet, sweet dog’s innocent face? Well, we woke up this morning to find that she wasn’t feeling too well overnight, and she…ummm…broke it in. I’ll spare you the details, as they weren’t pretty. But I think I was able to clean it up pretty well. And now, it’s totally broken in for the baby. Right?

Okay, enough of that. On a fresher note, this baby isn’t the only pumpkin brewing at our house. Literally. Cause out in the backyard, we have a real life pumpkin patch.

And not just any pumpkin patch, one with three Gigantic Pumpkins, two of which now weigh over 200 lbs, and are still growing. In fact, their official “due date” is October 2. Just six short days after Baby P.’s. The baby of the group is still small, but growing quickly. So, it only made sense to start tracking that pumpkin’s progress against my own. Be prepared for weekly updates from here on out…

Seriously, who needs all those online fruit charts with a backyard like this?!



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Week #17 (and some 18).

Week 17-18.

Lucas and I have this little debate over the development of the baby and where it sits on the infamous “fruit” chart. You see, when I say the baby is now 17 weeks and the size of an onion, he says it’s almost 18 and the size of a sweet potato. He sees this growth as what we’re working towards, I see it as reaching a milestone. Don’t know what all that means, but I’m sure it’s some sort of foreshadowing to the sort of personality this baby may/will have. And, at the rate my belly has been protruding, I can imagine being 37 weeks along and hearing him say, “watermelon” and me throwing an old curveball with, ummm, no, more like “baby cow”…

Anyway, this week was a good one. I’ve felt the little guy/girl swim around like crazy basically since last Saturday. Guess Baby P. likes the idea of Easter and wanted me to know that he/she is more than ready to join all the cousins in the annual Easter Egg Hunt. We also got to see his/her little cousin, Baby James, this weekend. Funny that the last time I saw James was when I took a girl’s trip with the family to Chicago when James was only 2 months old, and little did I know – I was 4 weeks pregnant. Yep, I was wondering why I was feeling so tired and crabby and carsick that weekend. Then, on the 5-hour ride home with my twin nieces and their new American Girl’s dolls sitting beside me, on the verge of loosing my Steak ‘n Shake steakburger all over their pretty dolls’ heads, it finally hit me…

Fast-forward to 13 weeks later, and here we are at a week I can’t wait to end. In a good way. Because in exactly one week we’ll find out if it’s a he or a she wiggling away in there! We can’t wait! Seriously, more power to the people who hold out through the whole pregnancy to find out, but I am not one of them. I am so excited to buy pretty pink dresses / baby blue fishing gear. And to get that nursery ready! And once we know what it is, I can stop calling this poor thing an “it” and give it some personification. I think about 35 people have asked if we have an premonitions about what it is. Nope. Couldn’t say. I guess I’m leaning towards girl, but I think it’s just because I like brainstorming cute girl names. (Lucas pretty much already has the strong Italian boy names narrowed down). So, we’ll see. It’ll be a happy surprise either way.

What do you think? Any guesses on whether the sweet potato/mango will be sporting blue or pink next week?

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