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Time to Combine…

So, my blogging days began previous to Toile Baby, at a time when my focus was our house, our pets, our pumpkins, and our life in general. Then, I found out I was pregnant (a little less than a year ago), and started this blog — which caused the original blog (Living Room) to slack, and this one to prevail. Seriously, who was I kidding?

Of course, once Marco arrived…this, too, became neglected.

I really, really, really enjoy blogging. Not because I feel like I have to share my life with the world. But because it’s a writing outlet…unique from the writing that pays the bills. And because it’s pretty cool to think that in 24 years, we can all look back at these posts and laugh/gasp/smile about our life in the 2010’s (I still don’t know what you call this decade? The tens? Doesn’t really have much of a ring to it).

Anyway, I want to continue to blog. At least once a week. But, without having a ton of free time on my hands now-a-days, I’m choosing to combine the two blogs. Afterall, Living Room was started with the tag — “making room to live and laugh a little more,” and nothing adds life and laughter like a new baby.

So, without further ado…you can follow the life and times of it all, including Toile Baby, back at the original home: Living Room.



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10 “Not-Miserable” Things About Being Preggo In The Summer

Random Stranger: “So, when are you due?”

Me: “September 26th.”

Random Stranger: “Oooh, you’re in for a long, hot, miserable summer.”

Me: “Thank you. I’m excited for him get here, too.”

I don’t think people mean to be Debbie-Downers when responding to my pregnancy calendar, but 95% of the time…they are. In all reality, if some woman told me she was due December 27th, I’d probably say, “Oh, wow, that’s so close to Christmas.” So, yes, I’m just as at fault as the relatives, friends, random strangers in line at Target who like to remind me that there’s a heat index of 105* today, and I have a big ‘ole bun roasting in the oven. But really, is the 105* heat index that enjoyable for the non-pregnant of the world? With the exception of everyone else getting to cool of with a frozen margarita at the end of the day, I’d say we’re all in the same old, hot, sweaty boat.

So, with that in mind — and to lift the spirits of all us summer moms-to-be — I thought I’d share with the world the bright, sunny side of being “very pregnant” all summer.

1. The clothing
With 10 weeks to go, I’ve survived with almost NO maternity clothes. Now, I realize that my belly is still growing, but I seriously feel like I might just make it the full 9 (10) months without have to restock my closet. Between the high-waisted, summer dresses and long, layering tanks that are out right now, I’ve been able to survive on regular Forever 21, Target and Old Navy styles. In other words — affordable, trendy and reusable next summer! I have worn a few maternity items, but I swear, the stuff that brings on the compliments is almost always the cute summer pieces found on the same rack I would have shopped a year ago.  I feel like had I been this pregnant in the winter, when pants and thick coats are a must, it might not have been so easy.

2. The pool
I officially froze my gym membership this week. I just wasn’t using it. But I am using the public pool. When you’ve been waddling around with an extra 20+ lbs hanging off your belly all day, nothing beats that weightless feeling of jumping in a pool and swimming some laps. Not that you couldn’t join an indoor pool in the winter, but I definitely prefer the ease and atmosphere of being outdoors. Seriously, there’s nothing worse than swimming inside, then going outside where it’s 20* and feeling your nose hairs freeze.

3. Fresh fruit
We’re supposed to be eating healthy, right? It’s definitely easier to do when the stores are packed with fresh blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and peaches. Something you don’t just find anytime of the year!

4. Air conditioning
Even if I wasn’t pregnant, I’d still be spending quite a bit of time at home, at work or in my car with the a/c on. I understand how being pregnant in the summer of 1965 would have been incredibly rough, but now, do we really have that much to complain about?

5. A nice tan
Hey, if you’re going to feel big and puffy, you should at least do with a nice, healthy glow, right?!

6. Sympathy
Though these strangers seem cynical, I really do think they’re just trying to be nice. And I do have to say, people are incredibly polite when they see a pregnant woman. Not that they wouldn’t be this way in cooler months, but there’s that sense of being extra kind, as they “know” how rough the summer is.

7. 1st trimester hibernation
My first two months of pregnancy were definitely the hardest (so far). But, they also matched up perfectly with (in my opinion) the worst two months of the year — January and February. When all you really want to do is stay inside and hide from the cold, it’s the perfect time to sleep for 12 hours straight, and feel like you’re not missing a thing.

8. Frozen drinks

If you have to drink non-alcoholic beverages, and least the summer offers options that are still fruity and fun!

9. Ice cream
 Ahhh, my vice. I love ice cream. And ice cream was meant for the summer. And pregnant women. And it all just fits together so well. Like hot fudge and a cherry on top…

10. A fall baby
When it’s all said and done, we’ll have some crisp, cool weather to enjoy with our baby boy! It’s the perfect time to take walks through the neighborhood and enjoy cool nights on the patio. And what’s cuter than baby pics in the pumpkin patch? (especially when there’s one in your own backyard…details on that to come).

Did I mention you also get to be sober-boat-driver at the lake?

So, whether you’re pregnant now, or hoping to be soon. Just remember, there’s no “perfect” time of year to be pregnant. But if you can make the most of the time you’re given, it’ll be that much more enjoyable in the end!


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Weeks #22-23. Still Growing.

Nothing too big going on this week. For Memorial Day, we took a trip down to The Lake and let this baby soak up some vitamin D. It was sooo nice to get away.

I did read that the baby’s pancreas is developing and beginning to function this week. I know, not a big milestone for most moms-to-be. However, if you know me, you know that my pancreas and I have had quite the bitter past. So, as odd as it sounds, I really hope that’s one gene I don’t pass on. Way back when I was dealing with the issues it caused (it’s been 9 years now, wow), I was told the pain of pancreatitis was worse than natural childbirth (this came from a woman who experienced both). It almost makes me curious enough to forego the epidural. Almost. Not quite. I also remember how much better I felt once that morphine drip reached my body…

Anyway, for now I’ll just enjoy the fact that I’m currently feeling good, and I’m almost 6 months along! Time flies!

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This Week. #15.

Week 15. The week you:

– lost someone very special — your dad’s grandma, and your Great Grandma Donnelly (“Momoo”). I usually get to these posts on Sunday nights, since our new weeks start on Mondays. But she passed away on Friday, and I didn’t get around to writing this weekend. She was so, so excited when she found out I was pregnant with you. You would be her fifth great-grandchild. She just couldn’t wait to meet you, and to see you grow up with your new cousin, Joey. Though she won’t be with us in person when you’re born, she’ll definitely be watching over you, alongside your Great Grandpa Joe.

Your dad has been missing her a lot this week, but every time he feels down, he puts his hand on my tummy and thinks of you kicking away, growing more and more. And I know you make him feel a little bit better. I’m guessing that’s why you made my belly just a teensy bit more noticeable this week (he wasn’t the only one in his family who needed to give my belly a little pat). You’re not even born yet, and already you’re spreading some much-needed joy. Thanks, Baby P. We love you, and so will she.

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A Reminder To Be Grateful

Today a Facebook friend posted a link to a blog that was not directed towards me. In fact, it was meant for those in the exact opposite situation as myself. For this very reason, I felt compelled to take a look.

The blog, bottoms off and on the table, is about one woman’s 1414+ day journey to get pregnant. From the second I opened it, I had to keep reading. And, as my Facebook Friend suggested, I also had to watch the video depicting her year of struggles.

Though getting pregnant wasn’t terribly hard for us, it didn’t exactly happen overnight (well, figuratively speaking). In fact, there was a short point in time when we thought we might be on the road to going through such struggles. In all reality, it was just a matter of having some patience with fate. But we both had occasional feelings of “what if”, especially considering we weren’t like many of our friends who seemed to get pregnant simply by looking at their spouses.

Discovering this blog today was a great reminder to cherish what I’ve been given. As everyone likes to remind me, our lives our going to change (and our dogs aren’t going to be #1 in our lives anymore). But it’s a change we’re welcoming with open-arms, and one we’re truly ready to embrace.

And as my husband and I keep getting lost in the stresses of our new house, this woman’s open and honest posts made me stop and think what really matters in life. I can’t help to think we’re so lucky the house is the only stress we are really focused on today. Up until 15 weeks ago, I wasn’t sure if would be.

But now,  added to the “to do” list for the house, is a room for the baby. A place that, come this September, will be occupied with our very own beautiful little miracle.

And for that, I am truly grateful.

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