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Time to Combine…

So, my blogging days began previous to Toile Baby, at a time when my focus was our house, our pets, our pumpkins, and our life in general. Then, I found out I was pregnant (a little less than a year ago), and started this blog — which caused the original blog (Living Room) to slack, and this one to prevail. Seriously, who was I kidding?

Of course, once Marco arrived…this, too, became neglected.

I really, really, really enjoy blogging. Not because I feel like I have to share my life with the world. But because it’s a writing outlet…unique from the writing that pays the bills. And because it’s pretty cool to think that in 24 years, we can all look back at these posts and laugh/gasp/smile about our life in the 2010’s (I still don’t know what you call this decade? The tens? Doesn’t really have much of a ring to it).

Anyway, I want to continue to blog. At least once a week. But, without having a ton of free time on my hands now-a-days, I’m choosing to combine the two blogs. Afterall, Living Room was started with the tag — “making room to live and laugh a little more,” and nothing adds life and laughter like a new baby.

So, without further ado…you can follow the life and times of it all, including Toile Baby, back at the original home: Living Room.



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A Reminder To Be Grateful

Today a Facebook friend posted a link to a blog that was not directed towards me. In fact, it was meant for those in the exact opposite situation as myself. For this very reason, I felt compelled to take a look.

The blog, bottoms off and on the table, is about one woman’s 1414+ day journey to get pregnant. From the second I opened it, I had to keep reading. And, as my Facebook Friend suggested, I also had to watch the video depicting her year of struggles.

Though getting pregnant wasn’t terribly hard for us, it didn’t exactly happen overnight (well, figuratively speaking). In fact, there was a short point in time when we thought we might be on the road to going through such struggles. In all reality, it was just a matter of having some patience with fate. But we both had occasional feelings of “what if”, especially considering we weren’t like many of our friends who seemed to get pregnant simply by looking at their spouses.

Discovering this blog today was a great reminder to cherish what I’ve been given. As everyone likes to remind me, our lives our going to change (and our dogs aren’t going to be #1 in our lives anymore). But it’s a change we’re welcoming with open-arms, and one we’re truly ready to embrace.

And as my husband and I keep getting lost in the stresses of our new house, this woman’s open and honest posts made me stop and think what really matters in life. I can’t help to think we’re so lucky the house is the only stress we are really focused on today. Up until 15 weeks ago, I wasn’t sure if would be.

But now,  added to the “to do” list for the house, is a room for the baby. A place that, come this September, will be occupied with our very own beautiful little miracle.

And for that, I am truly grateful.

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