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Weeks #21-22. Over half way there and feeling good.

Weeks 21-22…
I have to say, this is definitely a good point in the pregnancy.

1. I have energy (most of the time)
2. I’m over feeling chubby, instead I actually feel pregnant
3. I’m getting a better idea of how to dress this ever-changing body of mine
4. Rather than relying on nausea/vomiting to reassure me that he’s doing well in there, I feel happy little pokes and jabs
5. As mentioned above, there is no more nausea /vomiting (knock on wood)
6. Food tastes good again!

In short, things are going well.
Nothing too big has happened this past week. I did start to think some more about the nursery and am kind of in love with this rug I found online.

I think I’m going to have to get it. I don’t plan to have an actual “theme” to his room, but I do like this whimsical little critter feel the rug will help to give it. Plus, considering this guy’s parents, he’s more than likely going to have a mild obsession with animals. It seems only appropriate that we get him grounded (pun intended) in the creature love from the start.

So, after looking at this rug, I thought I’d pull out two fun colors as the inspiration for the room. Turquoise Whale + Red Bird. I went ahead and made up a little mood board to really get me thinking…

Now, I don’t know if I have the guts to do a really deep turquoise in there. I might go back to my old kitchen color that I fell in love with after numerous attempts (see the b&f here). But, the idea of the little man waking up to a bright and cheery blue every morning is kind of nice, too. I guess I’ll see what moves me when it’s time to buy that paint. The project shall begin in the next few weeks. I’ll keep you updated as I go!



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