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Weeks #22-23. Still Growing.

Nothing too big going on this week. For Memorial Day, we took a trip down to The Lake and let this baby soak up some vitamin D. It was sooo nice to get away.

I did read that the baby’s pancreas is developing and beginning to function this week. I know, not a big milestone for most moms-to-be. However, if you know me, you know that my pancreas and I have had quite the bitter past. So, as odd as it sounds, I really hope that’s one gene I don’t pass on. Way back when I was dealing with the issues it caused (it’s been 9 years now, wow), I was told the pain of pancreatitis was worse than natural childbirth (this came from a woman who experienced both). It almost makes me curious enough to forego the epidural. Almost. Not quite. I also remember how much better I felt once that morphine drip reached my body…

Anyway, for now I’ll just enjoy the fact that I’m currently feeling good, and I’m almost 6 months along! Time flies!


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This Week. #16-17.

Week #16 (and onto 17)…

Well, the baby is quickly learning that his/her mom can be sporadic in her ways. Though a list for each week seemed to work in the beginning, my creatively-apt mind works much better via stream of thought. So, good-bye lists, hello rambles…

This week you…
were with us for a week that started with loss and ended with life. We spent the beginning of the week at your great grandma’s funeral. It was nice to see the family, but sad that it had to be for this reason. But the ceremony was beautiful, and we’re glad you could be there with us to celebrate the life of your dad’s wonderful grandparents. If you couldn’t tell already, they meant a lot to him. I’m sure he’ll tell you all about them sometime soon.

On the brighter side, we finished the week by visiting a new baby, Timothy T., and getting excited by the news that TWO more of our friends had babies – Cora B. and Leo D. Talk about a baby boom! That makes four of our friends with new babies this month. Three boys, and 1 girl. Your dad’s the math one in the family, but if you ask me, statistics would say you’re going to be a girl, of course, if you’re the type that likes to follow a trend, I guess you’ll be a boy (only 2 more weeks till we find out, and we’ll be thrilled either way).

And, finally, I’m 99% sure I felt you moving around this week. It was Thursday at work, near the end of the day. Though your little goldfish-like tickles were quite distracting, I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. I’m ready for more!

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This Week. #15.

Week 15. The week you:

– lost someone very special — your dad’s grandma, and your Great Grandma Donnelly (“Momoo”). I usually get to these posts on Sunday nights, since our new weeks start on Mondays. But she passed away on Friday, and I didn’t get around to writing this weekend. She was so, so excited when she found out I was pregnant with you. You would be her fifth great-grandchild. She just couldn’t wait to meet you, and to see you grow up with your new cousin, Joey. Though she won’t be with us in person when you’re born, she’ll definitely be watching over you, alongside your Great Grandpa Joe.

Your dad has been missing her a lot this week, but every time he feels down, he puts his hand on my tummy and thinks of you kicking away, growing more and more. And I know you make him feel a little bit better. I’m guessing that’s why you made my belly just a teensy bit more noticeable this week (he wasn’t the only one in his family who needed to give my belly a little pat). You’re not even born yet, and already you’re spreading some much-needed joy. Thanks, Baby P. We love you, and so will she.

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This Week. #13.

Week 13. The week you…
– Started as a peach and grew to a lemon (wait, isn’t a peach bigger than a lemon?)
– Brought dinner to your future cousin, Joseph, whose mom is on bedrest with him…rumor has it he’ll be here tomorrow  
– Had four of your future friends over for dinner (well, their moms, who all happen to be pregnant, too)
– Still didn’t quite get me over that sickness hump, but I know it’s coming soon
– Finally got me to give in to the coveted Bella Band, one of life’s greatest inventions and a pants-too-tight-today savior
– Experienced the crazy truth behind St. Louis weather with a snowstorm yesterday — yes, in the last week in March
– Kept the fruity cereal tradition alive by convincing me to give Trix a try this week. Yum!

Winter just won't go away this year!

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This Week. #12.

Week 12. The week you…
– started as a plum and grew to a peach (both equally sweet)
– made my pooch become much more noticeable
– finally gave me back that energy I’d been missing for the past 10 weeks
– made me less nauseous, but more sick (?), which is actually much easier to handle
– took a trip to Atlanta to listen to people talk about why they love their dogs and cats so much (something you’ll learn soon enough)
– felt my sadness after hearing news about some old friends in Arkansas

– watched your dad begin building his gigantic pumpkin patch in the backyard
– helped Frankie pass her Delta Society evaluation so we can keep enjoying our therapy visits to the hospital
– enjoyed the first glimpse of some nice spring weather in St. Louis
– thought Fruity Pebbles sounded good, so we had some — probably for the first time since I was about 10

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Wonderful Number Twelve

Today I am officially 12 weeks along (making the baby the size of a plum). I still haven’t quite figured out if the first trimester ends at 12 or 14 weeks, but either way, I’m ready for it. I’ve had my fair share of exhaustion and “morning” sickness (if you haven’t heard already, it has nothing to do with the morning). And I’m starting to get to that point where the pants are just a little bit snug, yet have no major bump to show for it.

It’ll be a hot St. Louis summer when I’m in full bloom. A lot of people seem to think this is unfortunate. I, however, prefer it that way. I’d much rather wear a simple sundress than be bundled up in layers of maternity garb. Plus, as one friend who had both of her kids in late summer pointed out, “it’s better to be big and bloated with a warm summer glow than with a pale winter dullness.” (Though I have quite a few friends who were very pregnant over the winter, and they all looked great. Just trying to see the bright side of my situation, too.)

And, so, here we go. it’s hard to believe I’m already a third of the way there. I’ve always thought pregnancy lasted 9 months for a reason – giving us a chance to take it all in and get ourselves completely ready before the little bean’s arrival.

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