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Addicted to Pinning.

I have a new addiction. Pinterest. I can’t believe I only recently joined. If you haven’t yet, you should. It makes me want to have a wedding all over again because there are soooo¬†many outstanding¬†ideas out there. Luckily, there are some pretty terrific baby ideas, too. And When I saw this dog silhouette art (which was not in the Baby category, but fit mine with perfection), I had to put on my diy hat and get to work.

And I had the two perfect models to make it happen.

While Tito has been gifted with a naturally more silhouette-friendly profile, a little trial and error made Frankie’s work out, too.

All I did was enlarge their photos on my computer screen, trace them onto some printer paper, trace them onto cardstock, and then cut them out.

So simple, and I love the personal touch of Baby P.’s two future buds always being there, looking out for him.

Now I just need something on the leftside of the mirror to balance them out. I’m thinking I’ll frame his birth announcement, or something to that effect.



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