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Addicted to Pinning.

I have a new addiction. Pinterest. I can’t believe I only recently joined. If you haven’t yet, you should. It makes me want to have a wedding all over again because there are soooo many outstanding ideas out there. Luckily, there are some pretty terrific baby ideas, too. And When I saw this dog silhouette art (which was not in the Baby category, but fit mine with perfection), I had to put on my diy hat and get to work.

And I had the two perfect models to make it happen.

While Tito has been gifted with a naturally more silhouette-friendly profile, a little trial and error made Frankie’s work out, too.

All I did was enlarge their photos on my computer screen, trace them onto some printer paper, trace them onto cardstock, and then cut them out.

So simple, and I love the personal touch of Baby P.’s two future buds always being there, looking out for him.

Now I just need something on the leftside of the mirror to balance them out. I’m thinking I’ll frame his birth announcement, or something to that effect.



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Weeks 28-29. Please Pardon the Bump.

Weeks 27-29.

Remember the stupid 80’s movie Spaceballs? And remember that man-dog creature, Barf? Well, I can recall maybe 5% of what was said in that movie, but for some reason, I have a very vivid recollection of the part when Barf’s tail tries to peak under some lady’s skirt, and Barf says something to the effect of, “Oh sorry, he has a mind of his own.” Odd, right? Especially considering I was probably 8 when I first saw it. Anyway, my point is, I currently sympathize with Barf. This belly, too, seems to have a mind of its own. I’m constantly finding my growing bump copping a feel on random backsides, knocking down displays on store shelves, and struggling to squeeze through spaces that seemed oh so forgivable in the past. And with 10 weeks left, it’s only going to get worse. Thanks, Barf, for making me know I’m not alone.

And speaking of hairy, dog-like creatures, we’ve recently found out that Baby P. is not the only new guy in the neighborhood. Our next door neighbors have four baby foxes living in their backyard! He set up a game cam to catch them in action, since they only come out at night. They look like they’re doing well.

And, by pure coincidence, we now have an accessory in the baby’s room to match!

I saw these flashcards at Anthropologie a while back, and then found them cheaper on Amazon. Added some twine and some clothespins, and now have the perfect little accent!

We also picked up the baby furniture this week. I’m lucky enough to have an older sister whose children are well past the crib-stage, so we inherited some nice PBKids pieces. (And, in case you’re up-to-date on baby gear recalls, the crib was a drop-side, but Pottery Barn sent me the repair kit for free, so it’s safe.)

Oh, and those black boxes? They’re my current project. It’s actually chalkboard paint, which will soon be complete with some bold red frames. More info on that to come.

And, yes, the rug I love. All four of our pets seem to think it was placed there for them. They’re all in for a little shock come this fall. But, we’ll let them enjoy it for now.

That’s all for now. Tomorrow makes me officially 30 weeks! Once again, still feeling good. Last week Lucas and I even witnessed that creepy yet incredible moment when you actually see a body part squirm around in my belly. He’s an active little guy in there!


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