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Time to Combine…

So, my blogging days began previous to Toile Baby, at a time when my focus was our house, our pets, our pumpkins, and our life in general. Then, I found out I was pregnant (a little less than a year ago), and started this blog — which caused the original blog (Living Room) to slack, and this one to prevail. Seriously, who was I kidding?

Of course, once Marco arrived…this, too, became neglected.

I really, really, really enjoy blogging. Not because I feel like I have to share my life with the world. But because it’s a writing outlet…unique from the writing that pays the bills. And because it’s pretty cool to think that in 24 years, we can all look back at these posts and laugh/gasp/smile about our life in the 2010’s (I still don’t know what you call this decade? The tens? Doesn’t really have much of a ring to it).

Anyway, I want to continue to blog. At least once a week. But, without having a ton of free time on my hands now-a-days, I’m choosing to combine the two blogs. Afterall, Living Room was started with the tag — “making room to live and laugh a little more,” and nothing adds life and laughter like a new baby.

So, without further ado…you can follow the life and times of it all, including Toile Baby, back at the original home: Living Room.



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Weeks #22-23. Still Growing.

Nothing too big going on this week. For Memorial Day, we took a trip down to The Lake and let this baby soak up some vitamin D. It was sooo nice to get away.

I did read that the baby’s pancreas is developing and beginning to function this week. I know, not a big milestone for most moms-to-be. However, if you know me, you know that my pancreas and I have had quite the bitter past. So, as odd as it sounds, I really hope that’s one gene I don’t pass on. Way back when I was dealing with the issues it caused (it’s been 9 years now, wow), I was told the pain of pancreatitis was worse than natural childbirth (this came from a woman who experienced both). It almost makes me curious enough to forego the epidural. Almost. Not quite. I also remember how much better I felt once that morphine drip reached my body…

Anyway, for now I’ll just enjoy the fact that I’m currently feeling good, and I’m almost 6 months along! Time flies!

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Week #21-22. Boys ‘n Bugs.

Weeks 21-22…..

This has been quite a spring. Between the tornadoes and the cicadas, it’s hard not to wonder if that “rapture” guy wasn’t too far off. But I’ll go ahead and continue believing he’s as crazy as he sounds, send thoughts and prayers to those down in Joplin who have been devastated by the storms, and do my best to embrace the masses of red-eyed, shell-shedding, goose-bump inducing creatures invading our backyard.

Afterall, I’m growing a boy.

And not just any boy. Lucas’ boy.

Unlike most people, my husband is enamored by the cicadas. He has undergrad degrees in Biology and in Fishery and Wildlife Management, so he does know his stuff. Like when he let me know the kind that came out this year are distinguished by their beady red eyes.

And that they’re harmless. And since our son will be THIRTEEN when he actually gets to see them for himself, it was only right to document the occasion.
If he takes after his dad, he’ll be very grateful.

Isn’t that disgusting?

Yep, kind of gives me chills. But it’s also a good preparation for the types of encounters I foresee in the years to come. Afterall, one of Lucas’ mom’s favorite stories is when she got in the shower and was greeted by a snake wrapped around the shower head. And the same thing happened on the dashboard of her car once, too. Apparently Lucas had a hard time keeping his snakes in a cage? Eek.

To top off my week of boyish preparation, I was thrilled to see this adorable photo snapped by my old friend Jennie from Arkansas. We used to work in advertising together, but she’s now doing an incredible job as a professional photographer in Colorado. See her great stuff here. When I told her I loved the shot, she sent me the link to the high-res image. Yay! It’s definitely going to get framed and hung in the baby’s new room.

 It’s so perfect for him!

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Weeks #19-20. Camping While Pregnant…with a BOY!

Weeks 19-20.
This has been quite an eventful week in the world of my growing belly. We had the BIG ultrasound last Wednesday where we not only got to see Baby P. squirming around like a champ, we also found out (as Lucas swore from the moment the tech put that cold, jelly wand on my ever-expanding gut) that we’re having a BOY! I’m sure those who weren’t in the room with us when we found out were quite amused by my husband’s, “Yes! Yes! Yes!” bellowing from behind the door. It was definitely a fun moment. My only regret is not recording his momentous reaction.

It was also great to find out that he appears to be a very healthy little boy (yes, I love that I can finally drop the word “it” and replace it with “he”). And it’s so amazing to see the changes in his growth in the past 10 weeks. We’ve been lucky/worried enough that this has been our 3rd ultrasound. Wow what a different a trimester makes!

6 1/2 weeks, aka “our tadpole”

10 1/2 weeks, aka “our spaz”

19 1/2 weeks, aka “our boy”

And being that this was the time of our big ultrasound, it also marks my halfway point (cue the Bon Jovi…”ooohhh, ohh, we’ll make it I swearrr“)! At 20 weeks, suspecting coworkers and the nurses where I volunteer finally have the confidence to ask if that’s a baby in my belly. Yep. I’ve officially popped!

We finished off the week in the most appropriate way possible, by taking the boy on his first fishing/camping trip. He did pretty well out there, and worked his magic to make sure he sent all the right tired vibes my way, helping me sleep rather peacefully under those stars. Unfortunately he couldn’t do much to help the fish bite, but there will be plenty of time for that.

I was very proud of myself for hanging around the campfire…almost as long as everyone else. Plus, it was a nice little escape for me. It gave me a chance to walk the dogs around the springs, catch up on some magazines and play around with my new, fancy camera, for which I still really, really need to take a class.

Oh, and to top it off, I turned 31 this week. Not a crazy birthday, but a continuation of a very eventful year!

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Weeks 18-19. It’s a….

…very BLUE room!

The toile is officially gone. My mom so graciously took down the wallpaper in what will soon be the baby’s room.

Like these historic characters, it’s kinda worth dancing a little jig…

The surprise it left behind? A complete coat of blue.

We are wondering if this is a sign, a coincidence or just a bit of irony. As tomorrow morning we will actually be finding out what Baby P. really is. If the toile fortune-teller, along with the chinese gender chart, can really predict the future, then a boy it will be. But before we start buying baseball caps and overalls, we’ll let modern medicine work its magic.

In other news this week, I have started to play around with registering, but I’ll wait till we know what it is to really start it up. And in world news (what every baby wants to know), a series of horrible tornadoes have hit the country, including some that came through incredibly hard about ten miles north of our home (don’t worry Baby P., your mom and dad were busy playing beer pong (yes, I played with water) while the sirens went off, so I don’t think you suffered too much stress). And, of course, Osama Bin Laden is dead. Not something the baby will be too worried about, but something I’m sure he/she will learn about in history class someday. And while we’re helping him/her study I can say, “Yep, I was watching Brothers & Sisters, relaxing on the couch with you in my belly, when the big news broke…ten years after I walked down the steps in my college apartment and my roommate, Julie, told me the World Trade Center was hit by an airplane…” My due date’s just 2 weeks after the 10 year anniversary of 9/11. Wouldn’t it be great if Baby P. gets to be born into a happier, more peaceful world? Maybe this new generation of babies will be the start of something good.

Wow, okay, deep shift from the blue room topic. Must be the ups and downs of those pregnancy hormones!

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Working Through The Awkward Phase

For the past few weeks I’ve struggled with clothing. I’m not quite to maternity, though it’s sooo much more comfortable. My shirts fit, but seem to be stretching in new places. And I’m down to 3 pairs of actual work pants that still fit (they were slightly too big before, and are now nice ‘n snug). I’ve been told that by 20 weeks the bump will really, really look like a bump. Though I feel like it’s just about there, I’m still in that phase where I feel like strangers look at me and contemplate whether it’s a baby or a burrito in my belly.

From observing others, I’ve found that the key is accentuating my newly raised waist. In other words, my ribcage. I have a favorite belt from Target that seems to pull off my new waist-place quite well. In fact, I think I might invest in a few more colors.

My husband finds it amusing that I’m trying to make my belly more noticeable. I repeatedly explain that it’s either a defined belly or a frumpy new wife. Belly wins.

Until the weather stays above 68* and I can enjoy the serendipitous high-waisted dresses in my closest, the belt will be my best friend.


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This Week. #16-17.

Week #16 (and onto 17)…

Well, the baby is quickly learning that his/her mom can be sporadic in her ways. Though a list for each week seemed to work in the beginning, my creatively-apt mind works much better via stream of thought. So, good-bye lists, hello rambles…

This week you…
were with us for a week that started with loss and ended with life. We spent the beginning of the week at your great grandma’s funeral. It was nice to see the family, but sad that it had to be for this reason. But the ceremony was beautiful, and we’re glad you could be there with us to celebrate the life of your dad’s wonderful grandparents. If you couldn’t tell already, they meant a lot to him. I’m sure he’ll tell you all about them sometime soon.

On the brighter side, we finished the week by visiting a new baby, Timothy T., and getting excited by the news that TWO more of our friends had babies – Cora B. and Leo D. Talk about a baby boom! That makes four of our friends with new babies this month. Three boys, and 1 girl. Your dad’s the math one in the family, but if you ask me, statistics would say you’re going to be a girl, of course, if you’re the type that likes to follow a trend, I guess you’ll be a boy (only 2 more weeks till we find out, and we’ll be thrilled either way).

And, finally, I’m 99% sure I felt you moving around this week. It was Thursday at work, near the end of the day. Though your little goldfish-like tickles were quite distracting, I couldn’t get enough of that feeling. I’m ready for more!

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